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Eriocaulon sieboldtianum / Hoshikusa ホシクサ

Bloom time: August-September

Eriocaulaceae /


Species in the genus Eriocaulon:

Eriocaulon cinereum / Kurohoshikusa
Eriocaulon decemflorum / Itoinunohige
Eriocaulon miquelianum / Inunohige
Eriocaulon robustius / Hirohainunohige
Eriocaulon sieboldtianum / Hoshikusa
Eriocaulon taquetii / Nippon'inunohige



Eriocaulon sieboldtianum / Hoshikusa ホシクサ


Eriocaulon sieboldtianum is an annual that occurs in paddies or wetlands. Leaves measure 3-8cm long, 1-2mm wide, and linear-shaped. Flower stalks grow to 4-15cm in height, with tips with single gray-white to pale gray-brown head flowers. The flower heads are about 4mm in width, egg-like spherical, having gray-white involucral bracts shorter than them. The male flower's anthers are white, and the female's sepals are two in number. Petals do not exist. Bloom time: August-September.





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