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Eriocaulon taquetii / Nippon'inunohige ニッポンイヌノヒゲ

Bloom time: August-September

Eriocaulaceae /


Species in the genus Eriocaulon:

Eriocaulon cinereum / Kurohoshikusa
Eriocaulon decemflorum / Itoinunohige
Eriocaulon miquelianum / Inunohige
Eriocaulon robustius / Hirohainunohige
Eriocaulon sieboldtianum / Hoshikusa
Eriocaulon taquetii / Nippon'inunohige



Eriocaulon taquetii / Nippon'inunohige ニッポンイヌノヒゲ

Eriocaulon taquetii: An annual herb that occurs in wetlands; many come out in clusters, 10-20cm long, 5-8cm broad, in a lanceolate-like linear shape, somewhat thick, and glossy. Flower stalks are 5-ridged, twisted in a way, and grow to 15-22cm long in height. The bases are embraced with 5-9cm long sheaths. Flower heads singly appear on the tips - 6-8mm-in-diameter hemispherical, and involucral bracts are lanceolate with pointed tips far longer than the flower heads. Male flowers put themselves in the center of the flower heads, and females around those. Buds and calyxes are gree-white. Bloom time: August-September.




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