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Erythronium japonicum / Katakuri カタクリ

Bloom time: March-May

Liliaceae /


Species in the genus Erythronium:

Erythronium japonicum / Katakuri


Erythronium japonicum / Katakuri カタクリ

Erythronium japonicum, a so-called spring ephemeral, inhabits deciduous forests in mountainous regions, having one or two leaves with their mottled pattern. At the beginning of spring, it carries a distinctive and showy flower on the top of a long stalk, 20-30cm long. As the flower ends, it dies back, as all the other spring ephemerals do. With the texture thick and soft, the leaves are long-oblong, 6-12cm in length. The flower blooms facing downward, the perianth segments, 6 in number, are light red-purple, each lanceolate, 4-5cm in height, their bases having dark purple patches at them, and bend backward. Stamens are about half as long as perianth segments; the anthers, dark purple, hang down, and pistil's style is somewhat cleft in three. Bloom time: March-May.




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