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Euonymus fortunei / Tsurumasaki ツルマサキ

Bloom time: June-July

Celastraceae /


Species in the genus Euonymus:

Euonymus alatus f. striatus / Komayumi
Euonymus chibae / Bizenmayumi
Euonymus japonicus / Masaki
Euonymus lanceolatus / Murasakimayumi
Euonymus oxyphyllus / Tsuribana
Euonymus oxyphyllus./ Tsuribana-fruit
Euonymus sieboldianus / Mayumi
Euonymus fortunei / Tsurumasaki

Euonymus fortunei / Tsurumasaki ツルマサキ

Euonymus fortuneian evergreen liana growing in forests, fields, and mountains, climbs up trees, emerging aerial roots. Leaves with 3-10mm long petioles are of the opposite, rarely alternate, phyllotaxis; blades are 2-6cm long,1.5-3cm wide, long oblong, shallow serrations on margins, and no hairs on both surfaces. Axils emerge cymes with 7-15 small yellow-green flowers. Capsules are spherical, 5-6mm in diameter, mature in October-November, split in four, and appear as orange-red seeds. Bloom time: June-July.



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