Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Celastraceae /


Species in the genus Euonymus:

Euonymus alatus f. striatus / Komayumi
Euonymus chibae / Bizenmayumi
Euonymus japonicus / Masaki
Euonymus lanceolatus / Murasakimayumi
Euonymus oxyphyllus / Tsuribana
Euonymus oxyphyllus./ Tsuribana-fruit
Euonymus sieboldianus / Mayumi
Euonymus fortunei / Tsurumasaki

Euonymus lanceolatus / Murasakimayumi ムラサクマユミ

Euonymus lanceolatus, an evergreen shrub, inhabits broad-leaved forests in hilly regions; branches extend crawling on the ground and rise on the way to 30-70cm in height. Current and previous year's units are green and smooth without ridges on. Leaves are oblong, 10-15cm long, tips pointed, somewhat thick, midveins prominent, with fine serrations on margins. Leaf axils emerge pendent flower stalks on which set one to six 6-10mm-in-diameter 5-petaled black-purple flowers. Bloom time: June-August.



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