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Euonymus oxyphyllus / Tsuribana ツリバナ

Bloom time: May-June

Celastraceae /


Species in the genus Euonymus:

Euonymus alatus f. striatus / Komayumi
Euonymus chibae / Bizenmayumi
Euonymus japonicus / Masaki
Euonymus lanceolatus / Murasakimayumi
Euonymus oxyphyllus / Tsuribana
Euonymus oxyphyllus./ Tsuribana-fruit
Euonymus sieboldianus / Mayumi
Euonymus fortunei / Tsurumasaki

Euonymus oxyphyllus / Tsuribana ツリバナ

Euonymus oxyphyllus, a deciduous shrub growing to 1-4m in height, inhabits forests in hilly to mountainous regions, with barks gray and smooth. Leaves are in the alternate arrangement; blades measure 3-10cm long, 2-5cm wide, oval, or long-oblong, with fine, obtuse serrations on margins. Both surfaces are with no hairs. Petioles measure 3-10mm long. Cymes come out of axils and hang down, which set 3-30 green-white or light purple flowers; the flowers measure as large as 8mm in diameter, and highly developed disks are in the centers of the flowers. Sepals, petals, and stamens are 5, respectively, and 1. Capsules, about 1cm across, spherical, mature in red in September-October. Bloom time: May-June



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