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The other species in the genus Eupatorium:

Eupatorium chinense / Hiyodoribana
Eupatorium chinense var. sachalinense / Yotsubahiyodori
Eupatorium laciniatum / Sakebahiyodori
Eupatorium lindleyanum / Sawahiyodori
not many tubular flowers

 Eupatorium chinense / Hiyodoribana ヒヨドリバナ

Eupatorium chinense, a perennial herb growing to 1-2m in height, occurs in grasslands or forest edges. Leaves with short petioles are opposite, oval-like oblong, 10-18cm long, with pointed tips, bases abruptly becoming petioles, and glandular dots on back surfaces. Flower heads set themselves in corymbs, having a small number of tubular flowers. Involucres measure 5-6mm in length, and achene's pappuses are white. Bloom time: August-October.



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