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 Eupatorium laciniatum / Sakebahiyodori サケバヒヨドリ

Bloom time: September-November

Asteraceae /



Species in the genus Eupatorium:

Eupatorium chinense / Hiyodoribana
Eupatorium chinense var. sachalinense / Yotsubahiyodori
Eupatorium japonicum / Fujibakama
Eupatorium laciniatum / Sakebahiyodori
Eupatorium lindleyanum / Sawahiyodori

 Eupatorium laciniatum / Sakebahiyodori サケバヒヨドリ

Eupatorium laciniatum is a 0.5-1m-in-height perennial herb found in lowland grasslands; stems are erect and branch at the upper parts. Leaves are opposite, feeling thin, deeply cleft in three, with terminal lobes of 7-8mm in length, and the side ones 4-6mm, the lobes clef in afresh, and backsides are pale green with no glandular dots. Flower heads are composed of entire tubular flowers, as in the case of thistles: Bloom time: September-November.



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