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Euphorbia supina / Konishikisou コニシキソウ

Bloom time: June-September

Euphorbiaceae /


Species in the genus Euphobia:

Euphorbia jolkinii / Iwataigeki
Euphorbia maculata / Oonishikisou
Euphorbia pekinensis / Takatoudai
Euphorbia sieboldiana / Natsutoudai
Euphorbia supina / Konishikisou



Euphorbia supina / Konishikisou コニシキソウ

Euphorbia supina is an annual native of North America, ordinarily seen on roadsides or fields in various districts. Stems grow to 10-20cm in length, creeping on the ground and spreading. Leaves are of opposite phyllotaxis, 0.7-1cm long, long oblong, and prominent dark purple taches on the surfaces. Leaf pairs are significantly uneven at the bases of the plants. Cyathium inflorescences appear at the leaf axils on the upper parts. Bloom time: June-September.




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