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Eurya japonica / Hisakaki ヒサカキ

Bloom time: March-April

Theaceae /


Species in the genus Euya:

Eurya emarginata / Hamahisakaki
Eurya japonica / Hisakaki



Eurya japonica / Hisakaki ヒサカキ


Eurya japonica is a commonly-seen evergreen shrub or small tree with smooth, dark brown to black-gray barks found on forest floors in mountainous regions. Thick, leathery, glossy, and hairless leaves are alternate, and those on lateral branches are distichous (arranged in two vertical columns) simultaneously. Blades are oblong or oblanceolate, 3-7cm in length, 1.5-3cm in width, with tips obtuse, bases acute, and margins shallowly serrated. Flowers are dioecious; axils set 1-3 bell- or cup-shaped flowers in a bundle, 2.5-3mm across, bloom facing downward. Sap fruit measure 4-5mm in diameter, mature purple-black in October-November. Bloom time: March-April.





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