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Fallopia japonica var. japonica / Itadori イタドリ

Bloom time: July-October

Polygonaceae /


Species in the genus Fallopia:

Fallopia japonica var. japonica / Itadori
Fallopia multiflora / Tsurudokudami


Polygonum cuspidatum / Itadori イタドリ

Fallopia japonica var. japonica is a 0.5-1.5m tall perennial seen everywhere in fields and mountains. Stems are thick and hollow and lengthen rhizomes sideways long to make new growths at the ends. Young stems are edible raw. Leaves are alternate, each 6-15cm long, in the oval shape, the lots becoming pointed abruptly. Branches emerge from the leaf axils, and set many small flowers at the ends. P.cuspidatum is dioecious. Corollas, varying from white to red, are cleft in five lobes. Bloom time: July- October.




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