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Fatoua villosa / Kuwakusa クワクサ

Bloom time: September-October

Moraceae /


Species in the genus Fatoua:

Fatoua villosa / Kuwakusa


Fatoua villosa / Kuwakusa クワクサ


Fatoua villosa: An annual herb 30-60cm tall that grows on roadsides, fields, or wastelands, with stems and leaves with fine hairs. Stems occasionally tinge dark purple, and leaves are alternate, 3-8cm long, 2-5cm wide, in an ovate shape, with tips pointed, obtuse serrations on margins. Male flowers and female ones set themselves mingling together at axils. Fruit (achene) envelops itself with perianths, and the lower half expands and becomes liquid; thus, acquired turgor pressure flicks off the seeds. Bloom time: September-October.





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