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Ficus erecta / Inubiwa イヌビワ

Bloom time: April-May

Moraceae /


Species in the genus Ficus:

Ficus erecta / Inubiwa


Ficus erecta / Inubiwa イヌビワ

Ficus erecta is a deciduous small- or tree growing on hills or in hilly districts with gray-brown barks. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, 8-20cm long, 3-8cm wide, oval-like oblong, with tips abruptly becoming pointed, bases circular or cordate, margins entire, and both surfaces without hairs. Stipules measure 8-12cm long, narrowly lanceolate, with pointed tips. Dioecious: Single flower sacs, 8-10cm long, spherical, set themselves in axils, with many small flowers inside; male flower sacs are in the same shape as the female ones. Bloom time: April-May.




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