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Forsythia japonica / Yamatorengyou ヤマトレンギョウ

Bloom time: April

Oleaceae / Mokuseika


Species in the genus Forsythia:

Forsythia japonica / Yamatorengyou
Forsythia viridissima var. koreana / Chousenrengyou

Forsythia japonica / Yamatorengyou ヤマトレンギョウ

Forsythia japonica is a deciduous shrub endemic to limestone areas in the Chugoku Region, growing to 1-2.5m tall. Leaves are of opposite phyllotaxis, in the shape of a broad-oval, 7-12cm long, 4-6cm wide, apexes abruptly tapering to points, bases circular, and margins sharply serrated. Dioecious: Yellow flowers, 2.5cm across, bloom simultaneously as the leaves develop. Corollas are cleft in 4, the lobes narrow-oblong, about 12mm long, and 5-6mm wide. Sepals measure 2.5-3mm in length. Bloom time: April.




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