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Fritillaria amabilis / Hosobanakobaimo ホソバナコバイモ

Bloom time: March-April

Liliaceae /


Species in the genus Fritillaria:

Fritillaria amabilis /
Fritillaria amabilis f. albifolium / Shirobanahosobanakobaimo
Fritillaria ayakoana / Izumokobaimo
Fritillaria ayakoana f. yadae / Shirobanaizumokobaimo
Fritillaria_japonica / Minokobaimo
Fritillaria shikokiana / Tosakobaimo
Fritirallia x makotoi / Iwamikobaimo


Fritillaria amabilis / Hosobanakobaimo ホソバナコバイモ

Fritirallia amabilis occurs under very much similar environmental conditions to F. ayakoana. But either of them inhabits segregating from either. Please refer to the page of F. ayakoana from the link put right above. Flowers (a set of tepals) are campanulate, not open enough at the end, providing a small nectary at the base of each tepal, which characterizes this species. Shimane RDB lists this species as a CR+EN, the same as F. Ayakoana. Bloom time: March-April.




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