Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Liliaceae /


Species in the genus Fritillaria:

Fritillaria amabilis /
Fritillaria amabilis f. albifolium / Shirobanahosobanakobaimo
Fritillaria ayakoana / Izumokobaimo
Fritillaria ayakoana f. yadae / Shirobanaizumokobaimo
Fritillaria_japonica / Minokobaimo
Fritillaria shikokiana / Tosakobaimo
Fritirallia x makotoi / Iwamikobaimo


Fritillaria ayakoana / Izumokobaimo イズモコバイモ

Fritirallia ayakoana inhabits the fringe of a deciduous tree forest where the new green above covers up in mid-late spring. Appearing from underground in late February, F. ayakoana flowers in March and dies back in late May. That is why they call it a spring ephemeral. This species is endemic to Shimane, and its Red Data Book lists it as a CR+EN. The flower (a set of sepals) is a cup-shaped campanulate and has a striking nectary on each tepal, a few millimeters apart from the base, identifying this species. Bloom time: March-April
in the snow                    



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