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Fritillaria shikokiana / Tosakobaimo トサコバイモ

Bloom time: March-April

Liliaceae /


Species in the genus Fritillaria:

Fritillaria amabilis /
Fritillaria amabilis f. albifolium / Shirobanahosobanakobaimo
Fritillaria ayakoana / Izumokobaimo
Fritillaria ayakoana f. yadae / Shirobanaizumokobaimo
Fritillaria_japonica / Minokobaimo
Fritillaria shikokiana / Tosakobaimo
Fritirallia x makotoi / Iwamikobaimo


Fritillaria shikokiana / Tosakobaimo トサコバイモ

Fritillaria shikokiana, a perennial herb that inhabits deciduous forests in mountainous regions, closely resembles Fritillaria amabilis. Purple anthers characterize this species. Bloom time: March-April.




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