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Gagea lutea / Kibananoamana キバナノアマナ

Bloom time: April-May

Liliaceae / Yurika

Species in the genus: Gagea:

Gagea lutea / Kibananoamana

Gagea lutea / Kibananoamana キバナノアマナ

Gagea lutea is a perennial herb occurring in sunny grasslands or forest edges; bulbs are in the shape of an oval, wearing integuments tinged with yellow. Radical leaves are single, linear, and white-green, measuring 15-30cm in length. Flower stalks grow to 15-25cm in height, with two bracts on the upper parts, and yellow flowers set themselves 3 to 10 on the tips of them in the way of an umbel. Perianth lobes are six, 1.2-1.5cm long, linear-oblong, and backsides tinge somewhat green. Stamens are six, shorter than the perianth segments. Bloom time: April-May.





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