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Galium japonicum / Kurumamugura クルマムグラ

Bloom time: June-July

Rubiaceae /


Species in the genus Galium:

Galium japonicum / Kurumamugura
Galium kamtschaticum var. acutifolium / Oobanoyotsubamugura
Galium kikumugura / Kikumugura
Galium kinuta / Kinutasou
Galium odorata / Kurumabasou
Galium spurium var. echinospermon / Yaemugura
Galium trachyspermum / Yotsubamugura
Galium trifloriforme / Okukurumamugura
Galium trifidum ssp. colombianum / Hosobanoyotsubamugura
Galium verum ssp. asiaticum / Kibanakawaramatsuba
Galium verum ssp. asiaticum f. lacteum / Kawaramatsuba



Galium japonicum / Kurumamugura クルマムグラ

Galium japonicum is a perennial herb found in forest floors in mountainous regions, with stems growing to 20-50cm in height, with prickle-less four vertical ridges. Leaves are generally in whorls of six, each in the shape of a lanceolate, 1-3cm in length. Stem tops bear cymes and set approximately ten white flowers; corollas are around 2.5cm in diameter and tips cleft in four. Calyxes are with long hair. Bloom time: June-July.




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