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Galium pogonanthum / Yamamugura ヤマムグラ

Bloom time: May-July

Rubiaceae /


Species in the genus Galium:

Galium japonicum / Kurumamugura
Galium kamtschaticum var. acutifolium / Oobanoyotsubamugura
Galium kikumugura / Kikumugura
Galium kinuta / Kinutasou
Galium odorata / Kurumabasou
Galium pogonathum / Yamamugura
Galium spurium var. echinospermon / Yaemugura
Galium trachyspermum / Yotsubamugura
Galium trifloriforme / Okukurumamugura
Galium trifidum ssp. colombianum / Hosobanoyotsubamugura
Galium verum ssp. asiaticum / Kibanakawaramatsuba
Galium verum ssp. asiaticum f. lacteum / Kawaramatsuba


Galium pogonanthum / Yamamugura ヤマムグラ


Galium pogonanthum, a perennial in somewhat dry spots in mountainous regions with slender stems, grows to 10-40cm. The leaves are in four whorls: 1-2.5cm long and 2-3mm wide; each is significantly different in size (length), with downward white hairs on the margins. The branch tips generate slender inflorescences with three pale green, 3mm wide flowers. Corollas are as large as 3mm wide and cleft in four, the segments having stings around, which characterizes his species. Bloom time: May-June.



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