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Gastrodia elata / Oninoyagara (Fruit) オニノヤガラ

Bloom time: June-July

Orchidaceae /



Species in the genus Gastrodia:

Gastrodia elata / Oninoyagara
Gastrodia elata f. pallen / Shirotenma
Gastrodia pubiabiata / Kuroyatsushiroran

Gastrodia pubilabiata f. castanea / Bengarayatsushiroran
Gastrodia verrucosa / Akizakityatsushiroran


Gastrodia elata / Oninoyagara (Fruit) オニノヤガラ


Gastrodia elata is a chlorophyll-lacking saprophytic orchid plant that inhabits wood floors. It makes big oblong tuberous roots of around 10cm in length, gradually becoming hollow as the terrestrial part grows up. Flower stalks are 0.6-1m tall, tinge yellow-red, and wear some membranaceous ramenta. Flowers, many in number, are yellow-brown and bloom in a racemose manner in June-July.





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