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Gentiana zollingeri / Fuderindou フデリンドウ

Bloom time: March-May

Gentianaceae /


Species in the genus Gentiana:

Gentiana scabra var. buergeri / Rindou
Gentiana scabra var. buergeri f. albiflora / Shirobanarindou
Gentiana zollingeri / Fuderindou
Gentiana zollingeri f. albiflora / Shirobanafuderindou



Gentiana zollingeri f. albiflora / Shirobanafuderindou シロバナフデリンドウ


Gentiana zollingeri f. albiflora,  a biennial, 6-9cm tall, white form of its original species, Gentiana zollingeri, inhabits forest floors where sufficient sunlight enters through between trees. The leaves are 0.5-1.2cm long, broad, oval-shaped, and thick in texture. Lively white flowers put themselves on the stem tips in bundles with green calyxes. Bloom time: March-May.





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