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Geranium thunbergii / Gennoshouko ゲンノショウコ

Bloom time: July-October

Geraniaceae /


Species in the genus Geranium:

Geranium carolinianum / Amerikafuuro
Geranium dimorphophyllum / Muronouchifuuro
Geranium robertianum / Himefuuro
Geranium shikokianum / Iyofuuro
Geranium thunbergii / Gennoshouko
Geranium tripartitum / Kofuuro
Geranium yoshinoi / Bicchuufuuro


Geranium thunbergii / Gennoshouko ゲンノショウコ

Geranium thunbergii is widespread throughout the country from south to north in fields, mountainsides, and even roadsides; it has been well-known as a medicinal herb since ancient times. A white variety exists, and it is not rare. The leaves of this species are 'palmately' three-cleft or five-cleft, which may be one of the differences from the other geranium species. Bloom time: July-October.




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