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Gnaphalium japonicum / Chichikogusa チチコグサ

Bloom time: May-October

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Gnaphalium:

Gnaphalium affine / Hahakogusa
Gnaphalium japonicum / Chichikogusa
Gnaphalium pensylvanicum / Chichikogusamodoki


Gnaphalium japonicum / Chichikogusa チチコグサ

Gnaphalium japonicum is a perennial herb found in roadsides or wastelands in fields and mountains, growing to 15-30cm in height and propagates itself by extending runners. Radical leaves are alive in their flowering time, 2.5-10cm in length, in a linear-lanceolate shape; lanate (or fine fluff) exists slightly on surfaces and thickly on backsides - thus, looking whitish. On-stem leaves are a few linear. Flower heads gather together in a ball way on stem tips, and lanceolate bracts attach in a radical pattern beneath them. Bloom time: May-October




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