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Gnaphalium pensylvanicum / Chichikogusamodoki チチコグサモドキ

Bloom time: April-September

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Gnaphalium:

Gnaphalium affine / Hahakogusa
Gnaphalium japonicum / Chichikogusa
Gnaphalium pensylvanicum / Chichikogusamodoki


Gnaphalium pensylvanicum / Chichikogusamodoki チチコグサモドキ


Gnaphalium pensylvanicum, originating in tropical America, grows wild across the country. It grows to 10-30cm in height, and the whole is gray-white, with fine fluff all over. Leaves measure 1.5-4cm long, around 1cm wide, spatulate, with round tips with short processes. Branches appear from axils on the upper parts, setting some small light brown flower heads in bundles. Involucres measure 4-5mm long in an oval shape. Bloom time: April-September.





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