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Gonostegia hirta / Tsurumao ツルマオ

Bloom time: September-October

Urticaceae /


TSpecies in the genus Gonostegia:

Gonostegia hirta / Tsurumao



Gonostegia hirta / Tsurumao ツルマオ

Gonostegia hirta is a perennial that inhabits forest edges in temperate climate regions. Stems are vine-like, crawl on the ground, and are 30-50cm long, with short hairs. The phyllotaxis is the opposite; the leaves are lanceolate and 3-8cm long, with tips, pointed, and bases being shallowly cordate with 3-5 veins that project from back surfaces. Dioecious: Small flowers set themselves at axils spherically; male flowers have short pedicels, five perianth lobes, and five stamens. Female flowers have no pedicels, and the perianth lobes are tubular. Bloom time: September-October.




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