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Habenaria sagittifera / Mizutonbo ミズトンボ

Bloom time: July-September

Orchidacea /


Species in the genus Habenaria:

Habenaria sagittifera / Mizutonbo


Habenaria sagittifera / Mizutonbo ミズトンボ


Habenaria sagittifera is a 40-70cm tall perennial orchid inhabiting sunny wetlands; leaves, some in number, each 3-6mm in width, linear, emerge on lower half portions of the stems, and the bases become sheath-like to embrace the branches. Flowers, measuring 0.8-1cm in diameter, are green-white; the dorsal sepals are circular-shaped, and the side sepals are in a twisted obovate shape. Lips, about 2cm long, cleft in three to grow to a cross; the lobes are linear. The spar, about 1.5cm long, is pendent, and the end bulges circularly. Bloom time: July-September.






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