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Hamamelis japonica / Mansaku マンサク

Bloom time: March-April

Hamamelidaceae /



Species in the genus Hamamelis:

Hamamelis japonica / Mansaku

Hamamelis japonica / Mansaku マンサク

Hamamelis japonica is a deciduous small- or tree, or shrub, generally 2-5m in height, with gray barks, found in somewhat dry slopes or forests on ridges in mountainous regions. Leaves are alternate, 5-10cm long, 4-7cm wide, diamond-like orbicular to broad oval; asymmetrical and upper halves are triangular, with margins coarsely undulate. Flowers bloom before leaves develop; The flowers set themselves in bundles on branch tips that have emerged from axils of the previous year's branches. Petals are 4 in number, linear, approximately 2cm in length, sepals four, oval, and generally dark purple. Bloom time: March-April.




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