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Hedyotis brachypoda (Syn. H. diffusa) / Futabamugura フタバムグラ

Bloom time: August-September

Rubiaceae /


Species in the genus Hedyotis:

Hedyotis brachypoda (Syn. H. diffusa) / Futabamugura
Hedyotis lindeyana / Hashikagusa
Hedyotis diffusa
var. longipes / Nagaefutabamugura


Hedyotis brachypoda (Syn. H. diffusa) / Futabamugura フタバムグラ

Hedyotis brachypoda: An annual, 10-30cm tall, occurs in foot-paths between paddies or fields. Stems are finely cylindrical, branching at bases to rise diagonally upward or expand sideways. The leaves are opposite, 1-3.5cm long and 1.5-3cm wide linear to broadly linear, with short sandy hairs on the margins. Stipules on the leaf bases are membranous, with tips divided in some. White and somewhat tinged red flowers put themselves one or two on axils, and corollas are about 2cm long and tubular, with tips cut in four. Peduncles are very short, and calyxes cleft themselves in four and divaricated, with tips sharply pointed. Bloom time: August-September.






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