Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Hemerocallidaceae / Wasuregusaka  

Species in the genus Hemerocallis:

Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso / Yabukanzou
Hemerocallis fulva var. littorea / Hamakanzou
Hemerocallis fulva var. disticha / Nokanzou
Hemerocallis vespertina / Yuusuge

    Hemerocallis fulva var. littorea / Hamakanzou ハマカンゾウ    
Hemerocallis fulva var. littorea is an evergreen perennial, 0.5-1m in height, inhabiting sunny sandy soils, cliffs, or slopes, in seashores. Leaves are of distichous phyllotaxis; each is simple, thick, linear, and glossy, 50-70cm in length and 1-1.5cm in width. Stem tops set dichasial cymes, in which 6-petaled orange-red flowers bloom upwards, a few numbers each on a branch. The flower blooms in the morning and withers in the evening. Bloom time: June-August.




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