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Hemistepta lyrata / Kitsuneazami キツネアザミ

Bloom time: May-June

Asteraceae /   


Species in the genus Hemistepta:

Hemistepta lyrata / Kitsuneazami



Hemistepta lyrata / Kitsuneazami キツネアザミ


Hemistepta lyrata, a biennial herb found on roadsides or in vacant lots in rural districts, grows to 60-90cm tall. Leaves are tender, pinnately profoundly cleft, and the apertures between the segments are broadly open. Flower heads, red-purple, 2.5cm across, are on branch tips and bloom facing upward. Involucres are spherical; their bracts array themselves in 8 rows, with crest-like projections on the backside upper parts. Bloom time: May-June.





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