Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Species in the genus Heracleum :

Heracleum nipponicum / Hanaudo


Heracleum nipponicum / Hanaudo ハナウド

Heracleum nipponicum is a perennial herb occurring in damp places on riversides; stems are thick, hollow, hairy, are erect, and branch at the upperparts. Leaves are of a ternate compound or mono-pinnate compound leaf; leaflets are cleft shallow or intermediate, with margins coarsely serrated. Petioles swell at bases as if enclosed in sheaths. Stem or branch tips create prominently large compound umbels that grow to 20cm in diameter. Flowers, 5-petaled, are white; the petals in peripheral part flowers are different in shape from those in central parts - one of the outers is significantly large and cleft in two. Bloom time: May-June.




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