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Heteropappus hispidus / Yamajinogiku ヤマジノギク

Bloom time: September-November

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Heteropappus:

Heteropappus hispidus / Yamajinogiku
Heteropappus hispidus var. arenarius / Hamabenogiku


Heteropappus hispidus / Yamajinogiku ヤマジノギク

Heteropappus hispidus, an annual or biennial herb, 0.3-1m in height, inhabits sunny grasslands, stems erected and branching well, hairy as with leaves. Radical leaves are gone in flowering time. On-stem leaves are lanceolate or linear-shaped, 5-7cm in length, 0.4-0.2cm in width; on upper parts, linear. Flower heads are large, 3-4cm in diameter, and set in corymbose; ray florets are light purple to blue-purple, and tubular ones are yellow. Bloom time: September-November.




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