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Hibiscus hamabo / Hamabou ハマボウ

Bloom time: July-August

Malvaceae / Aoika

Species in the genus Hibiscus:

Hibiscus hamabo / Hamabou

Hibiscus hamabo / Hamabou ハマボウ

Hibiscus hamabo, a deciduous shrub, 1-3m in height, grows in sandy or muddy soil in seashores or river mouths. Leave are of alternate phyllotaxis, blades are 4-7cm in length, 3-6cm in width, in the shape of an orbicular or broad oval with the tips tempering short to points and with the bases round or somewhat heart-shaped. The leaf margins are shallowly serrated. Flowers, one or two in number, 5-10cm in diameter, yellow, put themselves at axils on branch ends; the center portions are dark red, and petals are six in number. Bloom time: July-August.



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