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Hololeion krameri / Suiran スイラン

Bloom time: September-October

Asteraceae /   


Species in the genus Hololeion:

Hieracium umbellatum / Suiran


Hololeion krameri / Suiran スイラン

Hololeion krameri is a perennial herb of 0.5-1m-in-height borne in marshes or water's edges in foothills or wildernesses. It extends runners underground long to propagate it into colonies. Leaves, 15-50cm long, 1-3cm in width, linear-lanceolate-shaped, radiate from the bases of the plants or gather at the lower parts of the plants, and their tips are sharply pointed, and leaves on upper parts are significantly small. The stem tops are sparsely set 3-3.5cm across yellow flower heads. Bloom time: September-October.




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