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Humulus japonicus / Kanamugura カナムグラ

Bloom time: August-October

Cannabaceae /


Species in the genus Humulus:

Humulus japonicus / Kanamugura
Humulus lupulus var. cordifolius / Karahanasou


Humulus japonicus / Kanamugura カナムグラ


Humulus japonicus is a vine perennial that occurs on roadsides, wastelands, or the like. Stems or petioles have downward prickles and twine around other plants, and leaves are opposite, 5-15cm long, cut in 5-7, and feel sandy with coarse hairs on surfaces. Dioecious: male flowers, light green, set themselves in big conical inflorescences, and female ones, covered with bracts, put themselves in spikes. Bloom time: August-October.





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