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Hydrangea paniculata / Noriutsugi ノリウツギ

Bloom time: July-September.

Saxigafragaceae /


Species in the genus Hydrangea:

Hydrangea hirta / Koajisai
Hydrangea hirta f. albiflora / Shirobanakoajisai
Hydrangea luteo-venosa / Kogakuutsugi
Hydrangea paniculata / Noriutsugi
Hydrangea petiolaris / Tsuruajisai
Hydrangea serrata / Yamaajisai
Hydrangea serrata var.megacarpa /


Hydrangea paniculata / Noriutsugi ノリウツギ


Hydrangea paniculata, a deciduous shrub or small tree-to-tree, 2-5m in height, grows in sunny locations like scrub forests- or edges in grasslands. Leaves are alternate or in whorls of three; blades measure 5-15cm long, 3-8cm wide, oblong to oval-like oblong, with tips finely pointed, bases broadly cuneate to circular, and margins with shallow, sharp serrations. Panicles appear on branch tips; ornamental flowers are white; sepals are 4-5 in number, about 2.5mm long, oval-like oblong, and open flat in blooming time. Bloom time: July-September.





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