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Hydrocotyle ramiflora / Oochidome オオチドメ

Bloom time: June-October

Araliaceae /


Species in the genus Hydrocotyle:

Hydrocotyle maritima / Nochidome
Hydrocotyle ramiflora / Oochidome
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides / Chidomegusa
Hydrocotyle yabei / Himechidome

Hydrocotyle ramiflora / Oochidome オオチドメ


Hydrocotyle ramiflora is a perennial herb found in somewhat damp places on roadsides or grasslands in mountainous districts. It forms colonies by runners crawling on the ground. Leaves, with long petioles, measure 1.5-3cm long, in the shape of a kidney-shaped orbicular, shallowly cleft in 7-9, with obtuse irregular serrations on margins. Peduncles emerge from axils and set around ten small light green-white flowers on the tips, gathering together; the flowers are higher than the leaves. Bloom time: June-October.





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