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Hypericum japonica / Himeotogiri ヒメオトギリ

Bloom time: July-August

Hypericaceae /


Species in the genus Hypericum:

Hypericum asahinae / Daisen'otogiri
Hypericum ascyron / Tomoesou
Hypericum erectum / Otogirisou
Hypericum japonica / Himeotogiri
Hypericum laxum / Kokeotogiri
Hypericum oliganthum / Azeotogiri
Hypericum pseudopetiolatum / Sawaotogiri


Hypericum japonica / Himeotogiri ヒメオトギリ

Hypericum japonica is an annual, 15-40cm in height herb found in paddies, paths, or ridges between rice fields, wetlands in the areas, etc. Stems, four ridged, are slim but robust, erect or falling, branching, then getting up until making acute angles with perpendicular lines. Leaves are bluish-green, texture thin, triangular in a broad ovate way or oblong, rising diagonally upward, bases being orbicular, generally embracing the stems. Flowers, yellow,1-30 in number, each 6-8mm across, set themselves in cymose inflorescences. Bloom time: July-August.




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