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Hypericum laxum / Kokeotogiri コケオトギリ

Bloom time: July-September

Hypericaceae /


Species in the genus Hypericum:

Hypericum asahinae / Daisen'otogiri
Hypericum ascyron / Tomoesou
Hypericum erectum / Otogirisou
Hypericum japonica / Himeotogiri
Hypericum laxum / Kokeotogiri
Hypericum oliganthum / Azeotogiri
Hypericum pseudopetiolatum / Sawaotogiri


Hypericum laxum / Kokeotogiri コケオトギリ

Hypericum laxum is a miniature perennial herb found in fallow fields or wetlands. The stem generally grows to 3-10cm in height, with four longitudinally running ridges on the surface branching at the top. The leaves are oval-shaped, 3-8mm in width and 5-8mm in length, turning red in autumn. Flowers are yellow, measuring 5-8mm in size, and bracts are the same shape as the leaves. Bloom time: July-September.




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