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Hypoxis aurea / Kokinbaizasa コキンバイザサ

Bloom time: April-June

Amaryllidaceae /


Species in the genus Hypoxis:

Hypoxis aurea / Kokinbaizasa


Hypoxis aurea / Kokinbaizasa コキンバイザサ


Hypoxis aurea is a perennial herb growing in forest edges or grasslands in mountainous regions. Its short stem emerges a bundle of linear leaves 10-25cm long and 2-4mm wide. Flower stalks are delicate, measuring 5-10cm in length, set single, rarely two, flowers on the tips; the perianth segments, 6 in number, 4-6mm in length, have long hairs, especially abundant on the tip portions. Bloom time: April-June.





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