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Idesia polycarpa / Iigiri イイギリ

Bloom time: April-May

 Flacourtiaceae /


Species in the genus Idesia:

Idesia polycarpa / Iigiri



Idesia polycarpa / Iigiri イイギリ

Idesia polycarpa is a deciduous tree, 10-15m in height, 40-50cm in diameter, growing in moist places in mountainous regions. Leaves are alternatSepals, 5-6, e; blades are 10-20cm long and 8-20cm in width, egg-like heart-shaped, with tips sharply pointed, bases with shallow cordate or truncate, coarse serrations on margins, surfaces glossy, and powdery white back surfaces, with white hairs on sides of veins. Dioecious: Branch tips hang 20-30cm long panicles in which many fragrant petal-less flowers bloom. Sepals 5-6 are oval and light green, with dense yellowish hairs on both surfaces. Bloom time: April-May.




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