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Ilex integra / Mochinoki モチノキ

Bloom time: April

Aquifoliaceae /


Species in the genus Ilex:

Ilex cornuta / Hiiragimochi
Ilex crenata / Inutsuge
Ilex integra / Mochinoki
Ilex latifolia / Tarayou
Ilex leucoclada / Himemochi
Ilex pendunculosa / Soyogo
Ilex rotunda / Kuroganemochi
Ilex serrata / Umemodoki

Ilex integra / Mochinoki モチノキ

Ilex integra, an evergreen tree found in evergreen forests near seacoasts, grows to 6-10m, rarely 30m in height, with smooth gray-white barks. Leaves are alternate, blades measure 4-7cm long, 2-3cm wide, oblong-shaped, with pointed tips and bases, and margins are entire in adults and serrated with young trees. Dioecious: Axils emerge short branches on top of which set yellow-green flowers in bundles. Male flowers are together with 2-15 in number, females 1-4. Petals are four oblong, 3mm in length. Sepals are 4, broad-triangular. Drupes, spherical, about 1cm across, mature in red in November- December. Bloom time; April.




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