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Ilex leucoclada / Himemochi ヒメモチ

Bloom time: May-July

Aquifoliaceae /


Species in the genus Ilex:

Ilex cornuta / Hiiragimochi
Ilex crenata / Inutsuge
Ilex integra / Mochinoki
Ilex latifolia / Tarayou
Ilex leucoclada / Himemochi
Ilex pendunculosa / Soyogo
Ilex rotunda / Kuroganemochi
Ilex serrata / Umemodoki

Ilex leucoclada / Himemochi ヒメモチ


Ilex leucoclada, an evergreen shrub less than 1m in height, occurs in snowy forests in mountainous regions. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, blades are 5-10cm in length, 2-4cm in width, in a long-oblong shape, and both tips and bases are pointed, with margins entire or with shallow serrations. Both sides have no hairs, and petioles measure 1-1.5cm long. Flowers are dioecious; axils in previous year's branches emerge brachyblasts on which bear approx. 0.7cm-in-diameter small white flowers; male flowers are 1-5, females 1-3; petals are 4 in number, obovate-oblong, 3-4mm in length. Drupes are about 1cm across, spherical, and mature in red in September-October. Bloom time: May-July.





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