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Impatiens textori / Tsurifunesou ツリフネソウ

Bloom time: July-September

Balsaminacea /


Species in the genus Impatiens:

Impatiens noli-tangere / Kitsurifune
Impatiens textori / Tsurifunesou
Impatiens textori f. pallescens / Shirotsurifune



Impatiens textori / Tsurifunesou ツリフネソウ

Impatiens textori is an annual herb of 50-80cm in height occurring in the wetlands in mountainous regions, the stem having a tinge of red, and the nodes swelling. Leaves are alternate, diamond-like oval with serrated margins. Inflorescences emerge from the leaf axils, elongating themselves obliquely upwards. Flowers, red-purple, appear in some number at the stalk's end; the spurs turn around at the end. Bloom time: July-September




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