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Ipomoea lacunosa / Mameasagao マメアサガオ

Bloom time: June-October

Convolvulaceae /


Species in the genus Ipomoea:

Ipomoea lacunosa / Mameasagao
IIpomoea lacunosa f. urpurata / Benibanamameasagao


Ipomoea lacunosa / Mameasagao マメアサガオ

Ipomoea lacunosa is a perennial vine herb originating in North America, growing on roadsides or the like, with no hairs all trough. The vines branch well to reach some meters long, twining themselves around the other plants. Leaves, long petioles, are alternate, orbicular-ovate-shaped, occasionally cleft in three, and the tips abruptly become pointed, with margins entire. Inflorescences shorter than the leaves emerge from axils and set 1-3 white flowers; The flowers are about 2cm in diameter, funnel-shaped, shallowly cleft in five, with the segment tips pointed. From the front, it looks star-shaped. Bloom time: June-October.




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