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Iridaceae /


Species in the genus Iris:

Iris domestica / Hiougi
Iris ensata var. spontanea / Nohanashoubu
Iris gracilipes / Himeshaga
Iris japonica / Shaga
Iris laevigata / Kakitsubata
Iris pseudoacorus / Kishoubu
Iris sanguinea / Ayame


Iris laevigata / Kakitsubata カキツバタ

IIris laevigata is a perennial found in the marshy fringes of ponds or lakes, the underground stems extending sideways to make crumps. Leaves are sword-shaped, measuring 30-60cm in length, 2-3cm in width, with no midveins. Flower stalks, 30-90cm in height, set two or three purple flowers on the tops; the outer perianths broad-obovate, 6-8cm, with white patches at the basal centers, the hook portions yellowish. The inner perianths of the flowers are oblanceolate-shaped, erect, measuring about 6cm long. Bloom time: June.
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