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Iris pseudoacorus / Kishoubu キショウブ

Bloom time: May-June

Iridaceae /


Species in the genus Iris:

Iris domestica / Hiougi
Iris ensata var. spontanea / Nohanashoubu
Iris gracilipes / Himeshaga
Iris japonica / Shaga
Iris laevigata / Kakitsubata
Iris pseudoacorus / Kishoubu
Iris sanguinea / Ayame
Iris sanguinea f. albiflora / Shiroayame

Iris pseudoacorus / Kishoubu キショウブ

Iris pseudoacorus, an originating-in-Europe perennial herb, grows wild in wetlands and is distributed throughout the country. Its leaves measure 0.5-1m in length, and 2-3cm in width, with prominent midribs. Flower stalks grow to 0.5-1m in height, branch at upper portions, and set bright yellow flowers on those tips. Bloom-time: May-June.




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