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Isodon japonicus / Hikiokoshi ヒキオコシ

Bloom time: September-October.

Lamiaceae / Shisoka



Species in the genus Isodon:

Isodon inflexus / Yamahakka
Isodon inflexus f. leucanthu / Shirobanayamahakka
Isodon japonicus / Hikiokoshi
Isodon longitubus / Akichouji
Isodon longitubus f. albiflora / Shirobanaakichouji
Isodon shikokianus var. intermedius / Takakumahikiokoshi
Isodon shikokiana var. occidentalis / San'inhikiokoshi
Isodon shikokiana var. occidentalis f. albiflorus /
Isodon trichocarpus / Kurobanahikiokoshi
Isodon umbrosus / Inuyamahakka


Isodon japonicus / Hikiokoshi ヒキオコシ


Isodon japonicus, a perennial found in somewhat dry, sunny grasslands in fields and mountains, grows to 50-100cm in height, with stems branching well at upper parts with a square cross-section of dense downward fine hairs. Blades with 0.5-2cm-long petioles are in the shape of a broad ovate, 6-15cm long, 3.5-8cm wide, with serrations on margins, tips pointed, and bases broadly cuneate. Stem tops generate panicles and set many labiate flowers; calyxes, about 2mm long, with dense, fine hairs, are equally cleft in five, tinging gray-white, and corollas are pale blue-purple, with purple dots on upper lips. Both stamens and pistils are short, not projecting from the corollas. Bloom time: September-October.




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