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Isodon umbrosus / Inuyamahakka イヌヤマハッカ

Bloom time: September-October

Lamiaceae /


Species in the genus Isodon:

Isodon inflexus / Yamahakka
Isodon inflexus f. leucanthu / Shirobanayamahakka
Isodon japonicus / Hikiokoshi
Isodon longitubus / Akichouji
Isodon longitubus f. albiflora / Shirobanaakichouji
Isodon shikokianus var. intermedius / Takakumahikiokoshi
Isodon shikokiana var. occidentalis / San'inhikiokoshi
Isodon shikokiana var. occidentalis f. albiflorus /
Isodon trichocarpus / Kurobanahikiokoshi
Isodon umbrosus / Inuyamahakka


Isodon umbrosus / Inuyamahakka イヌヤマハッカ

Isodon umbrosus, a perennial found in beech forests, with downward hairs on stems and a height of 20-80cm. Blades with 0.5-2cm long petioles are of opposite phyllotaxis,5-15cm long,1.5-3.5cm wide, long oblong-like lanceolate, with serrations on margins and sparse hairs on surfaces. Branch tips bear spike-like inflorescences and set blue-purple, 8-9mm long labiate flowers; upper lips bend backward and cleft themselves in four, and lower lip navicular. Bloom time. September-October.




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